Fuck Safety

We are, every one of us, born into this realm out of perfect mystery and in every now moment we are radically ignorant of whatever is going to happen next. No being that is now alive or has ever lived has ever been safe for even one moment of their lifetime. Neither safe from ultimate death, nor safe from minor harm. Ever. Full stop.

One can look backwards at every past moment in which “nothing bad happened” and retroactively apply the wholly illusory notion of “having been safe” onto it, but that is tautological bullshit and taking that backward-looking narrative and projecting it onto the present or the future is a logical error.

The notion or feeling of safety is a gigantic red herring that humans fixate on and reflexively use to assuage the ever-present anxiety of our always-the-case vulnerability to an infinite (INFINITE!) well of imaginable and unimaginable sources of harm and death. That is the ontological truth of the identification of consciousness with a biological [i.e. threaten-able] form. In reality, you can be more or less resilient, but you cannot be more or less (or even at all) safe. In fact, the feeling of “being safe” is itself anti-safe (aka dangerous) where it creates a false complacency.

This truth is obvious to every adult. The ability to face this truth and live into it with honor, responsibility, and fortitude is one of the primary dividing lines between childhood and adulthood. Children need adult care, guidance, and supervision to survive. Adults are capable of responsibly fending for themselves in the face of uncertainty.

How did America devolve from a nation of mostly shit-kicking individualists with rock-hard spines who treated every risk and unknown in an utterly unfamiliar world as a personal challenge to be heroically overcome, into a gigantic playpen filled with diseased, obese and coddled children that need some governmental parent to protect them from endless boogeymen, tell them what they can and cannot do, and generally crawl so far up everyone’s ass via endless surreal regulations and absurdly invasive surveillance that we have outstripped every dire vision of Huxley, Orwell and Kafka?

America has become a gigantic CAFO.

How is it even possible that living like this for one second is remotely tolerable to anyone? Seriously, we’re asking, HOW DO YOU PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT?

The government cannot protect you from harm. What bureaucrat sociopath came up with the idea that that could or should be a government’s job? Nobody knows what is coming next, we’re all gonna die, and every human adult is self-responsible.

So fuck safety. The perceived “need” for “safety” is anti-resilience, anti-health, anti-sanity, and an intolerable weakness in basic human character. Let’s get governments out of our minds, out of our asses, and out of our way so that we can actually live our lives like adult humans instead of simmering along in a bovine shitpool of prolonged disease and decrepitude that can only be called a “life” in the driest and most technical of senses.


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